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Ohio Theatre | Columbus, Ohio


Do you want to witness the greatest love story of all time told through the delicate and complex art of ballet? Well, it’s always a joy to behold when a literature classic is performed on stage. What's more exciting is the fusion of choreography, music, stage design, and all other elements in order to bring out an incredible production. This is what one can expect this April 28 at the Ohio Theatre Columbus as the renowned BalletMet ensemble bring its Romeo and Juliet production to the heart of Ohio. If you want to step into the 16th century Verona and witness once again the timeless love story of Romeo and Juliet, you should not miss this production. The classic Shakespearean tragedy of the star-crossed lovers who fought for their love amidst the feuding Montagues and Capulets will be told through the magnificent and graceful movements of ballet. Reserve your tickets today, and prepare to be awed by the incredible production that only BalletMet can offer.

BalletMet is a performing arts theatre that has been showing in Central Ohio theatres and studios for over a decade. Their outstanding performances and professional background keep them on top of their craft for every season. The ensemble is a well-respected group housed in the center of Columbus that features high-end quality black box theater, seven dancing studios, and stores for costumes and sets. BalletMet is one of eight Central Ohio arts organizations to receive a grant from the PNC Foundation. The company has a rich history of beauty and brilliance, as well as a talent to evoke emotions through every performance. They've staged one of the oldest and most fruitful historical backgrounds of sets and costumes in the country and pride themselves on their talents and proficiency in the arts.

Edward Liang, a renowned choreographer and BalletMet's artistic director, first choreographed the work in 2012 on Tulsa Ballet. Now, Liang has been given the honor to head the company in its pursuit to continue and maintain the name of dance and music since 2010. He has molded the company into more of a contemporary ballet powerhouse with himself, Christopher Wheeldon, Gustavo Ramirez Sansano, Ma Cong, and other talented and noteworthy names in the industry.

Liang's ballet rendition of the Shakespeare classic Romeo and Juliet is one to look forward to. With the help of the Columbus Symphony Orchestra conducted by Rossen Milanov from the original arrangement of Sergei Prokofiev in 1938, the ballet is set to come back with fresh faces. Now, company dancers Adrienne Benz and Caitlin Valentine-Ellis are preparing to take the role of Juliet to the premiere. Valentine-Ellis adds a childlike playfulness and energetic effervescence to the interpretation of the role. The gradual disintegration of Juliet's innocence as the ballet progresses makes the story all the more heartbreaking. The production, divided into three acts with two 15-minute intermissions, has a runtime of approximately two hours and 15 minutes. The action director of the production is headed by J. Steven White. Responsible for the vibrant Renaissance-inspired sets and costumes is the talented David Walker.

BalletMet introduces this 46th season of their legacy with Edward Liang's Romeo and Juliet, alongside classic favorites such as "Swan Lake," "The Nutcracker," "Alice," and "Asian Voices." This timeless classic of unforgettable and heart-wrenching love will be showing at the Ohio Theatre on the 28th of April. Get to know the classic literature in a new light of movement and music and be dazzled by the full-bodied sound flow of orchestra and breathtaking sets. Secure those tickets now!

BalletMet at Ohio Theatre

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