BalletMet: The Nutcracker at Ohio Theatre

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Ohio Theatre | Columbus, Ohio

Treat yourself with an exclusive ballet delight this December by joining the spectacular Ohio Theatre – Columbus on Wednesday 15th December 2021, when they’ll deliver the internationally heralded BalletMet: The Nutcracker! The performers are highly acclaimed both by critics and dedicated fans alike for delivering ultimate and top-class ballet entertainment since the very beginning. Local and traveling ballet fans will head down to Columbus to enjoy this must-see event – join them with a single click on the button below!

BalletMet: The Nutcracker at Ohio Theatre - Columbus

If you have ever wanted to experience the ultimate Ballet performances this side of the country, then you can’t miss out on any of the upcoming Ohio Theatre – Columbus events. From the second you arrive, you’ll see the stunning decor and breathtaking staging area, and from this moment you’ll know you’re in for an unforgettable night. You’ll be met by staff who will be happy to help you to your seats or direct you around the theatre, and the comfortable seating will only add to the already stunning experience. No matter where you are seated you’ll have a great viewing experience, because of the carefully engineered acoustics and lighting. Only the best Ballet performances come to the Ohio Theatre – Columbus, so make sure you don’t miss out. Order your tickets today.

BalletMet: The Nutcracker at Ohio Theatre - Columbus

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