BalletMet: The Nutcracker at Ohio Theatre

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Ohio Theatre | Columbus, Ohio

If you’re in the mood for an exclusive and classy Sunday evening out – you’re on the right page. One of the most highly anticipated ballet troupes will grace the stage of the spectacular Ohio Theatre – Columbus in Columbus, Ohio, so you might want to save the date and clear your schedule on Sunday 26th December 2021! BalletMet: The Nutcracker is heralded throughout the country for delivering some of the most authentic and enchanting acts in the field, and enjoying them live is a feast for all the senses. Each ticket holder will have the unique chance to enjoy the troupe working its magic right before their eyes, and will remember this evening for years to come. So tell your ballet-minded friends or family members, secure your seats today and share this incredible journey of A-class entertainment!

BalletMet: The Nutcracker at Ohio Theatre - Columbus

What do you find truly inspiring? If you’re after chills down the spine, you will surely find that watching professional ballet dancers does the trick just as much as listening to music. This incredible art form is an important experience for us all, especially for children, to watch and even study. Ballet performers are showing us what it means to communicate without words, and use their movement to take us to distant worlds and tell tales and stories from both history and imagination. This Sunday 26th December 2021 you have the opportunity to witness the BalletMet: The Nutcracker – a winning production, right here at Ohio. Ohio Theatre – Columbus will provide you with everything you need to experience a emotional night with your loved ones, family or by yourself. Get your ticket now and gift yourself a memory you will cherish forever.

BalletMet: The Nutcracker at Ohio Theatre - Columbus

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