Cats at Ohio Theatre

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Ohio Theatre | Columbus, Ohio

EVENT RESCHEDULED TO THURSDAY 13TH JANUARY 2022. Originally Wednesday 25th March 2071. All original tickets are still valid!

When Broadway productions like Cats come to Columbus Ohio, patrons of the genre will rush to the ticket stands to make sure they don’t miss out on this one-time-only show. Well, that’s exactly what you’ll have to do if you want to come see this critically acclaimed show when they perform live on the iconic Ohio Theatre – Columbus stage this coming Thursday 13th January 2022 (Rescheduled from Wednesday 25th March 2071) (Rescheduled from Thursday 25th March 2021). Fans and critics alike agree that Cats will be performing to a sell-out crowd as it features an unmatched blend of the hottest talent alongside theater legends that will produce a truly unforgettable theater experience. It’s easy to see why tickets are selling out at record speed, so if you don’t want to miss out make sure you click the Buy Tickets button below to book your tickets today!

Cats at Ohio Theatre - Columbus

The most clear difference between live theatre and the cinema is the immediacy. Movies are edited and cut to perfection, whereas at the theatre, the actors are really in the room with you. In a weird way, the prospect that things can go wrong at any moment is really quite of exciting, and something you can ONLY get at the theater. Normally, things go right and a successful show seems absolutely breathtaking; pulling it off with no hiccups provides a palpable release of tension for both the actors and the audience, which only adds to the excitement. So why not come to the Ohio Theatre – Columbus and watch some of their upcoming shows?

Cats at Ohio Theatre - Columbus

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