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Ohio Theatre | Columbus, Ohio

Company - The Musical

We have one particular idea for you in February, you heard it hear first, because Company - The Musical has announced tour dates for winter, 2024, and everyone is thrilled! If this is your first time seeing Company - The Musical, boy will you love it! You're in for a treat! Things you need to know are: 1.) Date: Wednesday 14th February 2024 and 2.) The theatre: Ohio Theatre 3.)Where in the world: Columbus, Ohio 4.) Tickets: NOW ON SALE! Last of all, if you want to buy some tickets, all you need to do is follow the link above today!

So you're a diehard theatre fan and an even bigger Company - The Musical fan? Well Ohio Theatre has a surprise in store for you come Wednesday 14th February 2024! Thats right Company - The Musical back on a huge US tour this winter with one of the most iconic shows on the stage for 2024. The blessed holder of the event, Ohio Theatre is a truly superb place, there are many basis to say it is incredible but the most important reason visitors love it so much is the perfectly positioned area, which makes quite a day (or night!) of it for the guest, parking is for sure not an issue, as there is an enormous amount at your satisfaction should you not desire the use of public transport - also readily obtainable. There has been a lot of chant about this production living up to the expectations of prior tours, and critics are openly commenting this will smash all others out of the park already! If you want to see the comeback of the greatest production on stage of 2024 then easily click the link and secure yours right now, this sell out is going to be just that if you hang around for too long!

Company - The Musical at Ohio Theatre

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