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Hamilton: Where HISTORY meets todays HIP-HOP. Are you ready to see the BEST musical to drop on Broadway in the last few years?

Originally debuted in 2015, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton is a magnificant Broadway musical that has to be seen to believe. Revolving around the life of Founding Father - Alexander Hamilton, Hamilton blends the lessons of the USAs history with the twist of Hip-Hop and R&B music.

This Columbus lifetime experience is taking place in the BEAUTIFUL Ohio Theatre on Sunday 20th July 2025 for the low ticket price of under $130!

Don't skip this chance to experience this revolutionary Broadway production in Columbus that has taken over audiences worldwide! Availability is limited, so purchase your tickets today.

This July, Hamilton will be performing in Ohio Theatre, the highly praised theatre of Columbus plus, the No.1 possible theatre for this brilliant show. The acclaimed and multi-award winning performance travels to you to tell its epic tale from town to town all over the globe.

Making its start off Broadway in 2015, The production was not the instant Broadway play that you will see now. Lin-Manuel Miranda has spoken honestly about its beginnings, starting as a concept album in 2009, with Miranda sharing that he was “thrilled that the White House called me tonight, because I’m actually working on a hip-hop album. It's a concept album about the life of someone I think embodies hip-hop: treasury secretary Alexander Hamilton.” That singular performance resulted in praise and a well-earned standing ovation from the audience at the time, including former President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, and ultimately led to Miranda’s production of the Hamilton musical we know now.

Due to his previous experience in musical theater, Lin-Manuel Miranda has also gained influences from other award-winning theater pieces such as Les Misérables, which follows a similar theme that tells the history of a struggle, and overcoming that struggle, as opposed to the typical musical theatre biases that tend to be very uplifting and happy. Similarly Hamilton, being about the struggle of an orphaned immigrant from the Caribbean who climbed the ladder and became the first U.S. Treasury Secretary. With the utmost respect to its source material, Hamilton shows us both sides of Alexander Hamilton’s rise to power, by not only offering us a peek into his personal life and struggle, but also his impact and effect in being able to significantly shape America during its time period.

By telling this story, Hamilton continues to prove its importance in American culture and even international public discourse, confronting themes and topics that are deeply relevant not only to America, but also globally. Even the use of musical genres like hip hop, jazz, and R&B as the main score has cemented its place in modern culture, making it one of the most popular hit Columbus musicals today.

Hamilton at Ohio Theatre

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