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Ohio Theatre | Columbus, Ohio

EVENT RESCHEDULED TO THURSDAY 20TH OCTOBER 2022. Originally Thursday 14th October 2021. All original tickets are still valid!

Get ready to put your hands together and applaud the masterful stagecraft and musical style of Hamilton when it comes to the Ohio Theatre – Columbus stage on Thursday 20th October 2022 (Rescheduled from Thursday 14th October 2021)! This modern day classic musical is bringing its unique blend of smashing hip hop, R&B, pop, and soul to Columbus, Ohio for a limited time event that you can’t afford to miss. Music lovers and theatre-goers alike will have a lot to love when they see this incredible show that has charmed audiences and critics alike since 2015. If you can only catch one show this October then make sure you catch Hamilton at Ohio Theatre – Columbus on Thursday 20th October 2022 (Rescheduled from Thursday 14th October 2021) only at Columbus, Ohio!

Hamilton at Ohio Theatre - Columbus

Presenting the tale of American founding father Alexander Hamilton on Thursday 14th October 2021 at Ohio Theatre – Columbus in Columbus, this volatile musical, an optimistic improvement of history overflowing with inspired light, the music is phenomenal and game-changing for Broadway, the choreography is magnificent, and that's just the first song! With over three hours of clever hip-hop tunes, rap battles, incredible set pieces and absolutely superb choreography which will no doubt leave you astounded. Look around this picture of New York City in 1776, revolution is on the doorstep, history is happening and we are in the grandest city in the world right now. Alexander Hamilton was a man who would rather have been silenced than be the man that was indecisive, standing up, an' talking the talk about revolution, standing up the King on a far-off island. Hamilton's pace is relentless, it wastes no time in the non-stop, lyrical rhyme of the American fight for freedom from the perspective of American founding father Alexander Hamilton. So, come along to Ohio Theatre – Columbus for an engaging night with the all singing, all dancing crew for a trip back in time to an America like no other.

Hamilton at Ohio Theatre - Columbus

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