Mamma Mia! at Ohio Theatre

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Ohio Theatre | Columbus, Ohio

Mamma Mia!

The theater marquee signs are now brightening up the streets of Columbus - all proudly announcing the arrival of Mamma Mia! this March! On Friday 15th March 2024 the Ohio Theatre will be welcoming to it's stage the smash hit Mamma Mia!. If you are a fan of other hit broadway theater shows, then Mamma Mia! will be just for you! Be part of the awe-inspiring occasion and see what critics have all been writing about. To save the finest seats in the theater, please get your tickets as soon as possible. Friday evenings are often busy at the Ohio Theatre.

It's comforting in some ways to know that your favourite act is back, theatre is often a way for you to unwind and be ready for just about anything afterwards! Its obvious all will be stunned when they find out on Friday 15th March 2024, Mamma Mia! is going to be hitting the road for spring, 2024! Great news right!? Wrong there is something even more thrilling to know... Mamma Mia! is going to be showing at simply the finest theatre house in the entire state, if not the world! The second to none Ohio Theatre, Columbus, Ohio It'll be a great experience, especially if you haven't visited and experienced the luxurious theatre before! Amenities are world class, it doesn't have such amazing reviews for nothing! Remember this will be the biggest night of March, so what are you waiting for, tickets will be gone quicker than you can say 'theatre'! Its really very easy to buy yours, go to the top of the page and click 'get tickets'!

Mamma Mia! at Ohio Theatre

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