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Shen Yun Performing Arts Tickets

Ohio Theatre | Columbus, Ohio

Shen Yun Performing Arts

This spring, five thousand years of China’s culture and heritage will echo across theaters in the US. On Tuesday, March 5th, the Shen Yun Performing Arts will blossom at the Ohio Theatre - Columbus for everyone to behold! Conducted by Composer Gao Yuan, thirty-five principal dancers are about to take the stage and recreate the “Middle Kingdom” era of ancient China in a two-hour live show that features classical dance and remarkable art. For years now, Shen Yun has been opening portals to a world filled with wisdom, grace, and beauty. Known for their synchronized routines and acrobatic moves, the New York-based ensemble has a solid track record, having performed for over a million people in two hundred cities. Keen to see Chinese folklore come alive? Then, this spectacle is tailor-made for you! Stroll down Capitol Square and watch everything unfold at the lush Ohio Theater - the perfect setting for a sophisticated and otherworldly performance. Start purchasing your tickets today!

Don’t miss the premiere! Shen Yun Performing Arts will play at the Ohio Theatre in Columbus for two consecutive nights starting on March 5th. The live production will run for about two hours, including intermissions, so plan your time accordingly.

Simply put, Shen Yun is a family-friendly show that features classical Chinese dance. This international production is well-regarded for its acrobatics and elegance; hence, it is considered one of the most expressive and athletic art forms in the world.

Based in New York, the dance group is recognized for being the first orchestra to merge Western and Eastern musical traditions in dance successfully. Shen Yun achieves a harmonious blend of diverse musical styles by incorporating ancient instruments like the erhu and the pipa into a modern orchestra, creating a unique and peaceful sound.

More importantly, Shen Yun’s production stands alone in its unique presentation, unmatched by any other performing group. Even in China, no other ensemble explores this specific theme. The reason lies in the communist regime's perception of the rich Chinese spiritual and artistic heritage as a challenge to its ideologies. Consequently, they have worked persistently for decades to erase it from existence.

Lead conductor Gao Yuan will head the artistic ensemble, including composers Jing Xian and Qin Yuan, alongside choreographers Yungchia Chen and Michelle Ren. Meanwhile, the main principal dancers for the company will feature Angelia Wang, Melody Qin, Tiffany Lin, Evangeline Zhu, Michelle Lian, Piots Huang, Jay Huang, Kenji Kobayashi, Albert Yang, and Victor Li, among others.

“Like I said, I’ve never seen anything quite so beautifully choreographed in my entire life… I think from the beginning of the show all the way up to now, for me, it’s an A-star show. Anybody who gets the opportunity to see this show should see it,” Shirley Ballas, an acclaimed British Ballroom Dancer Coach, shares in a live interview.

Watch this mystical production at the Ohio Theatre, found on Capitol Square in Downtown Columbus. As the state's busiest performing arts facility, the massive venue can accommodate 2,800 people in a single show, so don’t worry about inviting all your closest friends and family! Buy your tickets today for Shen Yun Performing Arts on Tuesday, March 5th!

Shen Yun Performing Arts at Ohio Theatre

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