Wicked at Ohio Theatre

Wicked Tickets

Ohio Theatre | Columbus, Ohio

Though it can be so easy to leave things to the last-minute and blame it on our spontaneous side, get planning now and you could secure fantastic tickets to experience the incredible WICKED! You’ll be buying direct from our reputable website, making it the best place to find your desired seats at the greatest prices when you book in advance. So, from a loved one’s birthday to getting school holiday activities in the diary, now’s the perfect time to tick one thing off your to-do list. Get your tickets now!

Wicked at Ohio Theatre - Columbus

The internationally renowned and enchanting performance Wicked is a musical treat anytime and anywhere you see it, but this May the hosts from Ohio Theatre – Columbus will certainly secure the ultimate setting for it. The show will make a stop in Columbus, Ohio on Friday 20th May 2022, to bring joy and excitement to the local and traveling theatre goers in the know. If you want to join the magic and experience the enchanting act on stage live, you better not wait too long to secure your ticket, as they’re selling out quite fast. The hosts from Ohio Theatre – Columbus are perfectly aware of what their guests might want and need, and never hesitate to deliver it – breath-taking interior, superbly crafted acoustics, lighting and sightlines to boot. Join the action on Friday 20th May 2022 and see for yourself all the unbelievable gems hidden in Ohio Theatre – Columbus.

Wicked at Ohio Theatre - Columbus

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