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Ohio Theatre | Columbus, Ohio

Go into the theatre of a WICKED Musical and you’re likely to encounter an audience made up of a diverse mix of people. Couples on romantic dates, families both young and old, and groups of friends can all be spotted. WICKED’s story appeals to so many, not just because of the famous film it’s associated with, but for the magic at its center. So why not book now? Whether it’s for a special occasion later in the year or to get organised for a school holiday trip, our tickets offer great prices and availability for WICKED.

Wicked at Ohio Theatre - Columbus

Have any specific plans for Saturday 28th May 2022? Well, what could be more exciting and thrilling than witnessing a world-class musical performance live? This May you can add some spice to your daily routine by booking a ticket for the delightful performance Wicked as it hits the iconic stage of Ohio Theatre – Columbus. The event will take place on Saturday 28th May 2022, and all the theatregoers from Columbus and the surroundings are clearing their schedules and reserving the unrivalled seats in the hall. The mesmerizing act on stage is not the only reason for their excitement – the hosts from Ohio Theatre – Columbus have a long history not only of hosting some of the most trendy theatre shows across the country, but also for delivering the perfect setting to enjoy them. If you don’t mind having spacious and comfy seats, authentic interior, clean view of the action on scene and top-professional staff assisting with all your requests – then Ohio Theatre – Columbus should be the right place for you. Make sure you visit it on Saturday 28th May 2022 and you’ll enjoy Wicked like nowhere else.

Wicked at Ohio Theatre - Columbus

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