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The summer season may entail some hot and humid weather. Still, you can stay completely cool and comfortable when you check out Ohio Theatre’s upcoming winter spectacle, Frozen The Musical! From July 26 to August 6, Ohio Theatre – Columbus will become home to Disney’s most successful film franchise, which has now become a stage adaptation! Take a trip into the winter wonderland of Arrendelle as beloved Disney characters Elsa and Anna try to save the city from eternal winter. From the comforts of your seat in Ohio Theatre, you will be taken on an incredible journey filled with awesome music, awe-inspiring visuals, favorite characters, and a heartwarming plot! This musical features an outstanding cast and is produced by an award-winning creative team! So hurry and score your tickets now to Frozen The Musical at the Ohio Theatre in Columbus!

Frozen The Musical tells a story based on the 2013 Walt Disney Pictures animated film of the same name. The plot is derived from the Danish story Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen. In Frozen, the City of Arendelle is ruled by a loving royal family. Sisters Elsa and Anna roam about the palace and often play together. Elsa, who has magical ice powers, can create and control ice and snow. As kids, she used to create a winter wonderland for her and Anna to play in. But one day, she accidentally hits Anna with her ice powers causing her to become sick. Luckily, her parents, the King and Queen of Arendelle, found a way to save Anna through the help of a troll colony led by Grand Pabbie. Fearful of hurting Anna again, Elsa becomes reclusive and locks herself in her room. What will become of Elsa and Anna’s relationship? And how will the future Arendelle fare with the two sisters after the untimely death of their parents? Find out when you come and see Frozen The Musical!

The animated film became one of Disney’s most successful releases of all time. Award-winning director and writer Jennifer Lee created the film’s screenplay, while award-winning Jean-Christophe Beck provided the film’s incredible music. The film’s colossal success has garnered several awards and nominations and amassed more than $1.28 billion in gross earnings. After Frozen’s groundbreaking reception, it was only fitting to bring this beloved story to the stage. Thus, four years after premiering in cinemas, Frozen The Musical finally opened in Buell Theatre in Denver, Colorado, for a trial run. The musical wasn’t an abrupt decision by producers. It took them years of meticulous planning due to extremely high expectations from the stage adaptation. Walt Disney CEO Bob Iger mentioned that the team “demanded excellence during the planning period.”

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Indeed, this was Disney Theatrical Group president Tom Schumacher’s first mission: “How do we take this (Frozen) and make it into a sophisticated adult evening theater?” The stage adaptation eventually created its team. Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez wrote the music and lyrics. The original director was award-winning director Alex Timbers while Michael Grandage led the Broadway production’s direction. The trial run in Denver also had the privilege of working with choreographer Peter Darling, known for his excellent work with Billy Elliot’s The Musical. During the Broadway production, Distinguished choreographer Robert Ashford took over as lead choreographer. The creative team also included Tony Award-winning music supervisor Stephen Oremus and puppet designer Michael Curry, whose work for Frozen has earned him a Drama Desk Award. The musical finally opened on Broadway in 2018, with 70% of the audience being adults. The original Broadway production, which ran from 2018 to 2020, has delivered 825 performances, spent about $35 million to produce, and grossed nearly $150 million. The Broadway showing and touring production was unfortunately halted due to the pandemic. This year, Frozen The Musical makes its phenomenal return and the production will hit the road this summer, making its way to major cities in North America!

Adapting popular animated films for the stage may be challenging, but the producers, creative team, and cast have made quite an impression on professional Broadway critics! Even though the film’s initial target audience was children, the stage musical attracted mostly adults and earned high regard for its incredible writing. Entertainment Weekly’s critic, who saw the Broadway production, wrote that director Michael Grandage refined the story by “putting the focus on emotion.” The musical highly revolves around the bond between sisters. The writer continued with the statement, “Doubters may just have their hearts thawed.” The New York Magazine critics described Frozen as a “theatrical extravaganza that delivers.” The writer continued that the musical induced “cheers” and “tears” and that the show’s effect on the audience was “genuinely electric.” Frozen’s producers made sure they delivered outstanding performances and music and impressive visuals that would leave a lasting impression. Newsday’s review gave Frozen stellar points for the show’s visual presentation. He mentioned that the musical “will give you chills” thanks to astonishing special effects, exquisite costumes, and the cast’s incredible performances.

Aside from critics, viewers, who had the privilege to experience Frozen The Musical took to expressing their delight online. “It’s a thoughtful, attractive, and human spin balances a Drury-Lane-size spectacle.” The reviewer also added that the producers and creative team recognized what audiences want from Frozen and lauded the writing for leaning more toward The Snow Queen than the animated film. This is evident in the musical’s particular focus on the sisters’ relationship, exuding more of a melancholic aura. Thus, the musical resonates well with adult viewers, who will find the show more highly relatable than the original 2013 film.

Frozen The Musical Tickets

“You’ve never seen Frozen like this” – Good Morning America.

“A Can’t-Miss Broadway Event!” – NBC

Enjoy the brilliant writing and direction from Michael Grandage and the rest of the creative team when you come to see Frozen The Musical at the Ohio Theatre in Columbus! Since 1928, the Ohio Theatre has been the city’s premier destination for touring Broadway musicals and world-class concerts. Now a national historical landmark, the theater has undergone great restoration and refurbishment while maintaining its original appearance. It is considered one of the finest surviving grand theaters in America. In 1969, the Columbus Association for the Performing Arts saved the theater from demolition. The organization also raised money to restore the venue to its former glory. Today, guests will have the optimal viewing experience at Ohio’s prime entertainment destination thanks to the venue’s top-tier facilities. The theater is equipped with plush seating and state-of-the-art technology for lights and sounds. You can watch Frozen easily and comfortably and experience incredible clarity and quality.

If you loved the animated film Frozen, you’d have an ecstatic time seeing the stage adaptation at the Ohio Theatre in Columbus! The touring cast features Lauren Nicole Chapman as Anna, Caroline Bowman as Elsa, Mason Reeves as Korstoff, F.Michael Haynie as Olaf, and Ryan McCartan as Hans. The show opens at the Ohio Theatre on Wednesday, 26th July, and will hold 16 coveted performances until Sunday, 6th August 2023! Experience a winter spectacle that portrays sisterly love, incredible journeys, overcoming challenges, love, sacrifice, and acceptance! If you’re keen on seeing Frozen The Musical, you should hurry and secure your tickets now before it’s too late!

“Tony-winning director Michael Grandage refines Frozen by putting the focus on emotion first. The bond between the sisters effectively and literally takes the spotlight. Doubters may just have their heart thawed.” – Entertainment Weekly.

“The hottest show on Broadway!” – Vanity Fair