Clue – The Musical at Ohio Theatre

clue musical at ohio theatreGame nights will not be perfect without a good ole murder mystery game. People seek that adrenaline — the excitement of solving a puzzle and a mystery is a rush they are tempted to quench. Among the many board games that give you that whodunnit feels, Cluedo or Clue is among the classics and the most popular. Its premise follows a gathering turned into a who-killed-who experience. The player’s primary objectives on the board are to uncover the murderer’s identity, where the crime was done, and what weapon was used. All of them are suspects and have motives to complete the crime.

This game reached households in the 40s and has always stayed. Along with its never-dwindling popularity are its many remakes and adaptations. A musical adaptation that has been the talk of the town this past few years is Clue the Musical. The board game comes alive with a fast-paced plot, electric songs, and choose-your-own-finale. The cherry on top is that this has hefty comedy. This is the time for Cluedo fans to experience a game night like never before. You are invited to the Ohio Theatre – Columbus game nights this spring. Bring with you your wit and investigative side!

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“Like the game, it’s a good indoor amusement with just enough intrigue to keep you on your toes.” – Theatre in Chicago

“A comedic delight of a production” – Broadway World

“Suspenseful and hilarious.” – Let’s Play Theatrical Reviews

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Anthony E. Pratt created Cluedo during the second world war. While doing gigs as a musician in private events, he noticed that his clients played a murder mystery game. He was inspired and pitched his idea to companies, which they gladly accepted. The game was published in 1949. It was an immediate hit, and game nights have never been the same.

Long after Cluedo became a board game staple, its influence seeped through other forms of media. In 1985, the comedy film Clue was released, which bolstered different endings in different theatres. Another of its iteration is a game show, which was proven to be popular in multiple countries. The original British Cluedo had four seasons and had franchises in Australia, France, Italy, Portugal, and Scandinavia. In addition, it has been adapted to a TV series of the same name in 2011 and was a part of a documentary. It has a play in 1985 and a recent on-stage version in the realm of theatre. Its musical adaptation would then become a hit.

Clue The Musical was brought to life by a team of exceptional writers, musicians, directors, and choreographers. Peter DePietro wrote the musical’s book. Alongside him was Tom Chiodo, responsible for the comedic lyrics of the musical. Galen Blum, Wayne Barker, and Vinnie Martucci completed the team as they worked on the music.

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What makes the board game unique is its way of making the players choose how the story will unfold. Bringing this mechanic into a musical is a challenging task. To achieve this, DiPietro formulated a storyline that has multiple paths. This resulted in 216 endings. With this comes the show’s biggest strength – it is highly interactive. Participation from the audience is encouraged, and they choose what occurs during the show.

Clue The Musical is set in a mansion in the middle of the night during a celebration. The first character the audience will learn about is Mr. Boddy, the mansion owner and event host. He then introduces “The Game,” which will be played after presenting all the characters. When all of them are introduced, he will select volunteers from the audience members and instruct them to pick cards from three different stacks. Each stack corresponds to a suspect, a room, and a weapon. The cards will be inserted in an envelope with “Confidential” written. Mr. Boddy will then serve as the narrator, offering clues through rhymes.

As the musical progresses, it will be learned that the characters have deep, seethed negative feelings toward Mr. Boddy. All of them have vengeful personalities. Each one harbored anger towards the host and felt the need to act upon their dark motives, and at the top of their list was to commit murder. However, they will soon learn that Mr. Boddy has known about their intentions, hence their invitation to his mansion. As the night grew old, the host took the time to discuss the elephant in the room. He confronted them, to their surprise. Instead of fearing his impending doom, Mr. Boddy is calm and amusingly tells them they are allowed to do what they want. The guest and staff did what was instructed and plotted their unique ways of doing the deed. As if this turn of events is not crazy enough, Mr. Boddy’s lifeless body is found. All guests deny the murder, and the perpetrator lurks among them. The jesting becomes a reality.

As the curtains fall, and the audience is left in wonder for some minutes, the second act prepares to showcase the investigation. It begins with the investigator coming into the picture, and she is relentless. Questions are thrown at the suspects. All of them have alibis. As expected, no stones were unturned. As she closes in on the perpetrator, she discovers new clues. Six possible weapons have surfaced in this ordeal: a wrench, a candlestick, a pipe, a knife, a revolver, and a rope. All of these emerged in six separate rooms: the lounge, the kitchen, the ballroom, the conservatory, the billiard room, and the study. Doubling down with the discovery, she found all weapons’ had fingerprints, coincidentally matching all suspects—one weapon for one suspect. The whole place is at a standstill. Who among them is the real killer?

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The New Boston Street Dinner Theatre premiered Clue The Musical in 1995. It ran there for several months. Many critics found the murder mystery a fun watch. Since the musical received a positive reception, it was able to transfer to many theatres. It reached Off-Broadway in 1997, showing at the Players Theatre. Years after, it became a community theatre staple.

The murder mystery entertainment will reach the Ohio Theatre – Columbus and be showcased from April 9 to 14 next year. Its cast will be announced soon. Are you looking for a fun night? See this musical live!