BalletMet: Cinderella at Ohio Theatre

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Ohio Theatre | Columbus, Ohio

Ohio Theatre – Columbus, Columbus, Ohio is renowned for it's second to none environment and for showing all of the best evenings on schedule, so when BalletMet: Cinderella is touring again for spring, 2022, its obvious that a legendary production like this would be playing at Ohio Theatre – Columbus. April looks like it'll be the most memorable month of the year! If this night is up your street then the most important thing to do is to purchase your entry for the night ON Sunday 10th April 2022! Simply click the buy button right now! You'll regret it if you miss out!

BalletMet: Cinderella at Ohio Theatre - Columbus

Ballet fanatics all over the country had no idea of what great news was awaiting them, a huge act is gracing the theatres once more…after all you hardly ever hear that your favourite performer is going to be playing in your local venue and everything you've heard is true! The acclaimed production, the one thats so famous, is actually back for spring, 2022! The spectacular BalletMet: Cinderella will be coming down to Columbus, Ohio for a wonderful evening of world class ballet. The ultimate artists in the business, raw youthful skill performing an emotional and uplifting tale through movement live for all to see! The ultimate ballet show of the year will is on Sunday 10th April 2022, and will be playing at the wonderful Ohio Theatre – Columbus, Columbus, Ohio. The venue has stunning reviews, it's majestic and the facilities are top class, it's also very close to the centre so you're safe in the knowledge that the evening will be with total ease. Get some tickets today by simply clicking the link above, this minuet!

BalletMet: Cinderella at Ohio Theatre - Columbus

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