Mamma Mia! at Ohio Theatre

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Ohio Theatre | Columbus, Ohio

Mamma Mia!

We all know the world’s a stage, but on Saturday 16th March 2024 at the stunning Ohio Theatre is the only stage that matters because they are excited to present Mamma Mia! as they deliver an evening of theatrical brilliance that you won’t want to miss! The finest performers will be on stage to deliver a truly incredible performance. Whether you are in town to laugh, cry, or howl in surprise, Mamma Mia! is sure to offer exactly what you need. Fans of the theater will tell you that these performers have a true passion for the art, unsurpassed drive and talent, and a relentless energy that means you will be glued to your seats. So if you enjoy phenomenal productions, then make sure you are in Columbus, Ohio on Saturday 16th March 2024 to see Mamma Mia! for a live performance! To get your tickets today, click the Buy Tickets button below!

Both the making of theatre and going to the theatre contribute to education and literacy. Watching the characters talk back and forth in the theatre is tricky; it requires sharp attention, quick mental shifts, and nimble language skills. It teaches us about human motivations and emotions. In historical plays we get lessons in leadership and government. In contemporary plays, we learn about people and cultures in different parts or our own city or in other countries. Studies have shown that students who participate in theatre do better in school. Theater is amazing in so many ways, so what’s stopping you from coming to watch a play? Let the story unfold right in front of you, and come to the Ohio Theatre in Columbus and watch one of the hottest shows in theater right now, Mamma Mia! live!

Mamma Mia! at Ohio Theatre

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