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Ohio Theatre | Columbus, Ohio

Shen Yun Performing Arts

What if a live show had the power to move audiences back to the glorious era of Ancient China? Shen Yun Performing Arts is here to bring five thousand years of culture and history to the Ohio Theatre - Columbus on Wednesday, March 6th! On this mystical night, heaven and earth will intersect once more in the Middle Kingdom! Return to a land where generals battle for honor, a time when folklore flourished, and a series of graceful tales overflowing with wisdom. For more than a decade, Shen Yun’s production has featured classical Chinese art and dance like never before with the help of thirty-five dancers under the lead of Conductor Gao Yuan. Ohio’s very own stage will dazzle the crowd with its advanced lighting and audio systems that will only amplify this intriguing historical presentation. Myths and legends from the East await, so grab your tickets as early as today!

The Shen Yun Performing Arts dance company is turning back time and visiting the roots of Chinese folklore at the majestic Ohio Theatre - Columbus on Wednesday, the 6th of March!

Meet Shen Yun Performing Arts, a Chinese dance group dedicated to revitalizing their country's traditional culture lost during the communist era. Interestingly, "Shen Yun" directly translates to "the beauty of heavenly beings dancing" in Chinese, aptly capturing the essence of their traditional performances, which include ethnic and folk dances, bel canto solos, and orchestras mixing Eastern and Western traditions.

The event showcases a cultural heritage spanning thousands of years, presenting warm and insightful narratives alongside positive role models on stage. Effectively utilizing 3D digital backdrops enhances the overall stage setting, seamlessly merging heaven and earth into a unified sphere.

Nearly seven years ago, Shen Yun’s exceptional dancers clinched an impressive total of thirteen awards at the 7th International Classical Chinese Dance Competition hosted by New Tang Dynasty Television. Presently, the troupe works to preserve five thousand years of Chinese culture by developing a dance form that emphasizes aesthetics through ancient plays.

Spearheading the artistic ensemble, Lead Conductor Gao Yuan will collaborate with accomplished composers Jing Xian and Qin Yuan, as well as seasoned choreographers Yungchia Chen and Michelle Ren. Moreover, the company’s principal dancers will include Kenji Kobayashi, Albert Yang, Victor Li, Angelia Wang, Melody Qin, Tiffany Lin, Evangeline Zhu, Michelle Lian, Piots Huang, Jay Huang and more.

“Oh, it was really terrific. It was a visual feast, but it was also so interesting to watch the dancers, particularly in the ethnic dances. One of the things that I enjoyed about it the most was learning about the history of China… A little lightness, a little humor, but also throughout it a seriousness and that connection to spirituality,” Executive Director of the Greater Baltimore Cultural Alliance, Jeannie Howe, shared.

The Ohio Theatre in Columbus is the peak of architectural grandeur. Ornate decorations and opulent detailing fill this spacious auditorium that holds almost 2,800 individuals. With luxury and beauty like this, there is no better venue to host the traveling historical production! Don’t forget to reserve your tickets for the arrival of the greatest Chinese performing troupe - Shen Yun Performing Arts, live on Wednesday, March 6th!

Shen Yun Performing Arts at Ohio Theatre

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