Clue – The Musical at Ohio Theatre

Clue - The Musical Tickets

Ohio Theatre | Columbus, Ohio

Clue - The Musical

Psst! You there… you wanna see this show huh? Clue - The Musical huh? You want to see this performance at Ohio Theatre yeah? On Wednesday 10th April 2024 yeah? Well, what are you waiting for? This is your lucky day right now, go ahead and pony up for those tickets, you won’t regret it. Capisce. This is gonna be the musical for you, it’s precisely what the family have been asking for, and this is your time to come through for them. So, go on mash that buy button and get yourselves a great night out. Your going to be whistling and turning and havin’ all kinds of fun alright, now go on, enjoy kid.

Clue - The Musical is coming to the city on the new spring, 2024 tour of the US! Everyone has it on the tip of their tongue, the best musical of the year, if not all time can be watched once more! Its watchable for all so why not bring the kids!? Clue - The Musical is one of the finest and hugest musicals ever, its iconic, theatre goers come back time after time! This extravaganza in April will be held at the outstanding Ohio Theatre, Columbus, Ohio - if you have been you'll know its an breathtaking place to spend the evening! Ohio Theatre boasts some stuffing features, and easy parking, fast access and top notch amenities, you'll be in complete bliss! To attend this huge night for musicals on Wednesday 10th April 2024, secure your entry today! You can do so by look above to the 'get tickets' button and FOLLOW! Don't miss this chance!

Clue - The Musical at Ohio Theatre

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