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Look out, Ohio, you’re up next! Building on their tour across the country and all around the globe. Hamilton will be performing at Ohio Theatre in Columbus this July. This performance is on Tuesday 8th July 2025. Take this opportunity for yourself to watch a slice of American history LIVE, experience the life of Alexander Hamilton from his difficult years as an outsider to the country, through his meteoric rise to becoming one of the Founding Fathers of America, from the production board of multi-award winning creator Lin-Manuel Miranda and his unsurpassed Broadway production.

Taking inspiration from both traditional and forward-thinking sources, including author Rob Chernow himself, who penned the biography of said Founding Father. Hamilton has been named one of the most influential shows ever to hit Broadway. Do not miss this unique chance to see the transformation of a historical yet creative story, with a diverse, award-winning cast at its very best and featuring a range of genres of music.

The show will only be playing in Columbus for a limited season, so buy your tickets now before they're all gone!

Did you know? Alexander Hamilton was known for being the first Secretary of the Treasury in the United States and author of the Federalist Papers. He later died from being shot in a duel he had with the then Vice President, Aaron Burr. What a time to be alive then, aye?!

The interesting and action packed tale is what inspired Lin-Manuel Miranda to create this musical masterpiece. From its premiere in 2015, Hamilton has won several awards.

Hamilton has a unheard amount of 16 Tony Awards nominations and won 11 of them, including Best Musical. The Broadway sensation, Hamilton, received the 2016 Pulitzer Prize for Best Drama.

Some say the greatest part of Hamilton is its ethnically diverse cast. The musical casts racial minorities to play white Founding Fathers. Miranda says Hamilton is about "America then, told by America today." Currently, Hamilton at the Ohio Theatre features Trey Curtis as Alexander Hamilton, Jared Dixon as Aaron Burr, Bryson Bruce as Thomas Jefferson and of course other talented minority actors.

“Hamilton is a life changing experience,” said a fan via Reddit.
“Ohio Theatre is among the favorite Broadway has to offer.” - Travel With Tyler, local guide on Tripadvisor.

With nearly a century of operation, the Ohio Theatre has been a staple in Columbus Broadway for its original architecture and catalog of fantastic productions. The Ohio Theatre can be found in Columbus, Ohio. Deverages and snacks are offered at consession stands before the performance and during the short intermission. Alcoholic beverages are sold as well. This magnificant venue and show is the best place in Columbus for family, friends, and people of all ages who love history and performing arts.

A seating capacity of a comfortable 1,300+, seats at the Ohio Theatre will disappear, so secure your tickets NOW before they're gone!

Hamilton at Ohio Theatre

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