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Look out, Ohio, are you ready? Building on their tour across the states and all around the world. Hamilton is going to Ohio Theatre in Columbus this July. This showing is on Friday 18th July 2025. Take this opportunity for yourself to watch a piece of America’s history live, experience the life of Alexander Hamilton from his struggle as an immigrant to the country, through his amazing journey to becoming one of the Founding Fathers of America, from the vantage pint of multi-award winning creator Lin-Manuel Miranda and his magnificent Broadway production.

Taking inspiration from both classical and newer sources, including author Rob Chernow himself, who penned the biography of said Founding Father. The Show has been named one of the most successful shows ever to hit Broadway. Do not miss this unique opportunity to revel in the incredible rise of a historical and creative figure, with a multicultural, award-winning cast at the forefront and packed with a range of genres of music.

The performance will only be playing in Columbus for a limited season, so purchase your tickets now before they're all gone!

Alexander Hamilton has done a tonne more than just be the main character of one of the greatest musicals of all time. In addition to being the first U.S. Secretary of Treasury, he also wrote the Federalist Papers, started the Coast Guard, and helped install the first National Bank.

How did those big and impossible achievements get written into a musical masterpiece?

Because Lin-Manuel Miranda is a broadway master, for sure. And his creativity led to Hamilton receiving a GRAMMY, a Pulitzer Prize, and 11 Tony Awards! When the musical first debuted in 2015, it was quickly showered with massive praise.

"This is a story about America then, told by the USA now." - Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Hamilton notably aims to cast ethnic minority actors to portray all of its notably white historical figures. The current ensamble of Hamilton performers is FULL with talent, not to mention the likes of Trey Curtis, Tamar Greene, Stephanie Jae Park and many more!

Since the show's Broadway debut in 2025, the Ohio Theatre has been Hamilton’s Broadway home for Columbus. Situated in Columbus, the Ohio Theatre has been showing Broadway productions for years.

This theater is a must-experience for any Broadway lover, as it is full of history that is clear in its old-fashion architecture. Before the performance and at the break, be sure to grab refreshments served by the theaters helpful staff!

“This place is gorgeous! The architecture is stunning, the set is utterly magical in sending you from one place to another, and of course the acoustics are perfect!” - Betsy, a Columbus Guide from Tripadvisor Reviews.

What are you waiting for? A trip to the Ohio Theatre to experience the holy grail of musicals, Hamilton is suited for friends and family of all ages!

Seats are limited, so buy NOW before it’s too late!

Hamilton at Ohio Theatre

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